Curious Creatures Gallery/Workshop

The Curious Creatures Gallery is situated in Butchers Row at Bideford Pannier Market, Market Place, Bideford, EX39 2DX.

Open Tuesday to Saturday......9.30a.m. to 4.00p.m. 

The gallery features work by Ned Morgan and Juliette Hayward. For a virtual tour of the gallery go to Google maps and search for Curious Creatures Gallery, Bideford.


                                 One end of the gallery is a showroom......                                             (click on the above image to have an up to date tour of the gallery and workshop)


                                        The other end is Ned's workshop (May 2014)........                                                recent visitors will see a change!......piles of metal and more                                            machinery!!!!!   


 Ned working in the gallery....ready for a chat!               Base for a Tower of London                                                                                              Poppy £20 (8 made so far!)


                           Ned and Juliette at the one year anniversary of the gallery in April 2015. Cutting the cake with 'Bill Burdus' and 'Little Bill'. Bill Burdus lived on Lundy Island and became a celebrity with his own facebook page!


                                                Special anniversary mug


                                                                         Scissor bird           

              (click on the above image to see how the scissors can still be used!)

Click here to see our latest film of the gallery

                                                                                                        Click here for  Making the squid


  Click here for the Octopus film                                                                



Click here for the shark video

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