Curious Creatures Gallery/Workshop

Mosaics made by Juliette Hayward are now available in the gallery. Glass and pottery found on North Devon's beaches are the principle material. Juliette's mosaics sell very quickly so she will undertake commissions of work previously sold or tackle new subjects.


                                                                                     Hare mosaics   £40 SOLD


                                         Large  flamingo   £85  SOLD


                                                          Blue mosaic fish  £145    SOLD


                                                                Bumble bee  £45 SOLD


                                                           Great spotted woodpeckers £80 (Sold)


                                                           Kingfishers  £40 each (Sold)


                                                                      Punk fish £95 (Sold)


                                                                       Duck mosaic  £58 (Sold)


                                                                     Chickens  £40 each


                                       Mosaic mirrors ranging in price from £10 to £20 (all sold)


       Trigger fish  £35 (Sold)  using recycled glass and crockery with metal offcuts.


                    John Dory £45 (Sold)                         Copper Banded Butterfly fish £35 SOLD (Sold)


                                                                        Mackerel  £35


                                                                                 Tawny owl  £65 (Sold)