Curious Creatures Gallery/Workshop

Some of the items that have sold in the gallery...


                                             Ugly deep sea fish £325 SOLD


                                                        Hephalumpus £280 SOLD


                                                                Carrion crow   £475


                                       Lobster in wood and metal  £760


                                                     Centipede  £85


                                                Emperor puffin £195


                                    Raven in recycled off-cuts £385


                                   John Dory £160  (Recycled mahogany)


                                              Post traumatic duck £165


                           Deep sea fish £580 (pine driftwood Instow beach)


                                 Whale £480 (oak driftwood from an old wreck)


         Very large hermit crab £560 sold while I was finishing him off in the workshop.....


Sold as Absurd Bird £195.....he is living on Lundy Island and has been renamed Bill Birdus. He has his own Facebook page reporting (with attitude) on daily life on the island and is rapidly gaining celebrity status.


                        Rook  £365 sold and living in East the Water, Bideford.


                          "nameless" caged bird £185 sold and living in Torrington.


             Old resting Dodo £140 (Oak drift wood) sold and living in Torrington.


                              Octopus £495 (elm) sold and living in Barnstaple.


Spider crab £110 (drift wood)        Steam Punk Frog  £280 (pine) sold and living                                                                                                                   in Totnes, Devon.


       Large Punk Fish £155 (greenheart)                          Punk Weevil £48 (pine)


                                                 Dodo £120 (pine)



         Snail in drift wood £28                     Fork tailed fish £48  (pine drift wood)                                                                                                   


             Spider crab £130 (yew)                        Chicken or egg? £39 each  (pine)                                                                                                 


                                        Round fish £80   (greenheart)                                                                              


                Hatchet fish £80 (pitch pine)                             Vulture £180 (oak)                          

                                                            Small ray £65  (walnut)                                    Standing Dodo £145  (pine)


                        Tree Monitor Lizard  £180 (Recycled hardwood chopping board)


         Spiny lobster £210 (recycled hardwood)                  Cockatiel £89 (Cherry)            


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