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Ned (David) Morgan

Ned left Bristol University in 1974 with a B.Sc.Honours Zoology degree. After no success with job hunting he was given a place at the Royal college of Art in London to study for a postgraduate degree in biological illustrating. However a job offer at the Natural History Museum in London could not be refused and Ned went on to publish on the Chrysididae Hymenoptera, illustrating his own work and that of other entomologists.


While at the Natural History Museum Ned took up woodcarving and used a variety of British woods and recycled foreign hardwoods. Success came with winning a gold medal at the Woodworker show in London with a praying mantis and moth in walnut.


                                      Ned with the winning sculpture.

Ned left the museum in 1986 to become a house-husband caring for his baby daughter and becoming a self-employed wood sculptor. After moving to North Devon he became regional leader of the British Woodcarvers Association and joined the Devon Guild of craftsmen as a woodcarver. He belonged to the Exeter Craft Guild and was chairman of the Appledore Craft Cooperative.

Early commissions included trophies for the British Society of Underwater Photographers. As a keen sub-aqua diver for many years, fish and other aquatic animals have been a popular subject.   


                  Cuttle fish trophy in spalted beech for the British Society of  Underwater Photographers.

Ned's work diversified after gaining a Certificate in Sculpture at the Open College of the Arts in 1992, using wood, metal, plaster and ceramics.


                  Vulture constructed in Yew, Elm and spalted Beech.


                                        Ammonite door knob            

                                      For over 20 years Ned has produced wooden masters for Turnstyle Designs in Barnstaple. Moulds are produced to manufacture door knobs and fittings in resins and metals.

Welding projects led to the combining of wood and metal to produce Ned's current 'steam punk' style.


                The first wood and metal fish I made living in my neighbours pond.

 " I enjoy using recycled wood and metal as a starting point. Cracks and blemishes are not a problem but add to the character of the finished pieces. There is no need to chase perfection...defects are celebrated and enhanced. The rebelious chains, piercings and rings have arrived in my later years rather than my youth!


                                Steam punk frog now living in Totnes.


      'Bideford Wader'.......a commission for Bideford Town Council for the twinning anniversary celebrations, August 2016.

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